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Sneak Preview/Dress Rehearsal!

February 1, 2011
Organic at Heart Restaurant

Tomorrow is the day! We are opening our doors and our hearts and because you are special and have been following our progress week by week, we are inviting you to pop in and give us a spin! From 2 – 4 February we will be offering a 10% discount to all our customers because we will be practising. We are sure we are going to get everything right and the food is going to be awesomely delicious as always, but we may have a wrinkle or two that we need to smooth out and need your valuable feedback!

The Organic at Heart team has been super busy. Julia, our chef, has calmly put together the most amazing kitchen, which already smells delicious and is full of smiling happy people!  Ben from Urban Harvest Edible Gardens and Keni, our resident gardener, have created an organic vegetable and herb garden that is practically bursting with healthy veggies and salad for the table, not to mention bumble bees, bees, lady birds, dragon flies and wriggly earthworms. Farren has been working night and day, using her magic touch to create a space that is beautiful and welcoming. Storm has been training waitrons and baristas and sorting out tables. Rasheed has made sure that the lights and the music work. Michele, the owner and resident tart has been waving her wand and rushing around on her broomstick doing all sorts of odd jobs, even painting the pond (almost finished, so please excuse her if her nails are a little black!)

So we still have a few loose ends to tie up, more plants to put in the garden, extra outside chairs and tables to come, fishpond to fill and probably one or two things we have completely forgotten……. but we are 99% there and want you to share the first few days with us, while we cross our i’s and dot our t’s, or is that the other way round?

And guess what? Despite lots of stress and pressure and last minute computer crises, no one has lost their temper, no tantrums, hardly any tears and still we are laughing and smiling and SO looking forward to welcoming you to Organic at Heart! 🙂

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