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Turn your life to GOLD and SHINE! Words from the heart of the Organic Tart.

June 29, 2011
Laugh and be happy

The Irish say a good laugh & a long sleep are the best #cures in the doctor’s book. It’s 10.22 am and I am still in bed with the Great White after enjoying both! We are sitting up in bed having coffee – each with our own laptops and working away. What a beautiful view of a rainy Kalk Bay harbour and the misty sea! Now this is what I call a home office! Technology has mixed blessings and sometimes I feel like throwing my cell phone off the balcony (which incidentally is just what the Great White did this weekend while exploring the similarities between cell phones and frizbees) …. but more and more I appreciate the way technology sets me free to work in a creative way and in spaces that I enjoy. In bed on a misty winter morning is one of those spaces. Next to the fire at Organic at Heart is another!

In medieval times alchemists tried to convert base metal to gold. Later, people like Carl Jung applied the principles of alchemy to human beings. Take your physical body and add various elements like laughter, dreams, good friends and family, love, healthy food, beauty, good works and a positive outlook on life and you can create something truly magical! Using this paradigm, food is not just food, sleep is not just sleep, laughter is not just laughter and time spent with loved ones doing things you enjoy is not just a pastime. They are the elements that lift the base metal (your physical self) and turn your life into pure and precious gold!

SO choose to fill your world (the cauldron) with love, laughter, good works and healthy #organic food, be kind to others and SHINE! 🙂

Lots of love from the Organic Tart 😉

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